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24 Trading Cards

Artbox Entertainment announces a 24 Season 4 Preview Set. This nine-card set previews the upcoming Season 4 trading card series from Artbox, scheduled for release in October 2006. This set will include 9 dynamic trading cards previewing the full 72 trading card set for the up-coming Season 4 trading card set to be released later this year.

Preview all the action, all the danger, and all the excitement in this nine-card Preview set from Artbox. The series is about Federal Agent Jack Bauer and the different bad days he is having. Each season of this series has 24 episodes taking place in an hour of real time. From finding bombs, stopping assassination attempts, stopping a deadly virus to preventing world war three. For the next 24 hours you are about to see the life of Jack Bauer.

24 Trading Cards24 Trading Cards