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Battlestar Galactica CCG

The Battlestar Galactica collectable card game(CCG) brings the tension and excitement of the hit television show to your table top, where the fate of humanity is in your hands! Protect the refugee fleet from Cylon attacks while dealing with internal politics and strife. Players face off against one another as they attempt to increase their influence over the fleet, and the ever-present Cylons threaten all players!

Two different starters are available: the Military Starter, lead by Commander Adama; and the Political Starter, championed by President Roslin. Each starter contains 32 fixed cards playable as two 16-card "mini decks" to learn the game. The fixed cards combine with the 30 random cards from the two included Booster Packs to create a full 61-card deck, ready for play!

Battlestar Galactica CCGBattlestar Galactica CCG