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Castlevania Figures Series 01 - Set Of 4 (Backorder)secure-ordering

Castlevania Figures Series 01 - Set Of 4 (Backorder)
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Simon Belmont: This version of Simon Belmont appears to coincide with something closer to his appearance on the cover of Castlevania Chronicles. The mock-up shows Simon to be armed with swords and his trademark vampire-crunching whip. Simon Belmont was present at the outset of the Castlevania saga. In Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, Simon, suffering Dracula’s curse, battered his way past the likes of skeletons and werewolves in order to gather Dracula’s body parts. Dracula: This version of Dracula seems to correspond with his appearance in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This version features a short beard and slightly more rakish attire. In Symphony of the Night, Dracula sneers at the misguided Richter Belmont, but is mildly angered when his son, Alucard, arrives to infiltrate the castle and defeat his father. Dracula dispatches his servant The Grim Reaper to attempt to reason with Alucard or, failing in the attempt, to instead disarm him. Alucard: Again, this version of Alucard seems to be based upon Alucard’s appearance in Symphony of the Night. Alucard invades Dracula’s castle to defeat his father. He is initially disarmed of his Alucard gear by The Grim Reaper, but manages to acquire new armor and weaponry in the process of plumbing the depths of Dracula’s convolution and monster-laden castle (Crissagrim is one hell of a fine sword). Alucard is charged with the task of first returning Richter Belmont to his senses, and then confronting Dracula at the heart of the Inverted Castle. Succubus: A bat-winged demon chick in black leather lingerie. In Symphony of the Night, Alucard is confronted by the Succubus during the Nightmare sequence. In the course of the sequence, Alucard is forced to watch as a lynch mob makes preparations to execute his mother. Faced with this atrocity, Alucard is forced to question his allegiance to humankind. His mother laments her fate and advises Alucard to kill the humans rather than assist them. Eventually Alucard realizes that he’s been entranced and his sorrowful mother is in fact revealed to be the cunning and malignantly beautiful Succubus, one of Dracula’s minions.

Castlevania Figures Series 01 - Set Of 4 (Backorder)Castlevania Figures Series 01 - Set Of 4 (Backorder)