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City of Heroes CCG

The Alderac Entertainment Group has released the details concerning Arena, the first release in its new City of Heroes CCG, which is based on the popular computer game (and MMORPG). City of Heroes: Arena features 330 cards with art by Top Cow Productions, the publisher of the City of Heroes comic book series (see "Troy Hickman to Write City of Heroes"). Like the computer games it is based on, the AEG City of Heroes CCG (see "AEG Gets City of Heroes License") allows players to build their own hero and duke it out with other players who have also customized their own heroes.

The initial City of Heroes CCG release is available in both decks and boosters. The City of Heroes CCG: Arena Deck (or Battle Pack) includes 25 cards and has an MSRP of $4.99. The Battle Packs, which are sold to retailers in 24-pack displays (MSRP $119.76), are designed to be immediately playable -- players can participate in Battle Pack tournaments with only one quick purchase. Each Battle Pack comes with a randomized Hero, his or her signature power, and a special assortment of cards to make every game different from the one before.

The City of Heroes CCG: Arena Booster packs (MSRP $3.29) each include 11 cards and are packed in 48-count Booster Display Boxes (MSRP $157.92). The cards in the Booster Packs allow for the creation of more potent Superheroes and greater sophistication of gameplay.

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