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Dark Age Genesis

Dark Age: Genesis is a, fully scaleable, skirmish level wargame played in the 28-33mm scale. The Genesis Core Rulebook contains everything you will need to play Dark Age including 2 fully realized Forcelists, St. Mark and Ice Caste Dragyri. Each new Forcebook released will contain another 2 full Forcelists made up of 2 opposing factions. Every Forcebook will contain everything you need (Except the Core Rulebook) to play that particular Force, all special rules, counters and templates etc. will be included.

Dark Age Games is committed in it's intention to make this game the benchmark for overall quality in the industry. With art from the inimitable Brom and Dark Age's own in-house artists, premium quality miniatures from the world's top sculptors such as Werner Klocke, Kevin White, Steve Buddle and Gael Goumon painted by some of the best painters money can buy: Alexi Z, Arjay, Wappellious and more. A robust and well-tested game engine rounds off the package, developed and expanded over years of hard work and dedication.

All miniatures are pewter and range in size from 5mm to over 60mm, with the average human male coming in at around 32mm. Miniatures are shipped in clamshells with larger boxsets also available.

Dark Age GenesisDark Age Genesis