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Dust: The Boardgame (Sold out)
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1938: A secret German expedition to Antarctica discovers the ultimate weapon ?an alien spacecraft with a living crewmember! 1950: Everything has changed. The Second World War rages on with no end in sight. There are no more nations, no more alliances. There is only…DUST. A world where reverse-engineered alien technology has given us walking tanks, as well as fighters and bombers that look more like flying saucers than what we know today, the world of Dust is both very similar to the Earth we know, and also quite different. Players take control of the high-tech armies of this brave new world in a struggle for the future! Including a large game board and over 800 plastic playing pieces, Dust features a card-based system that controls initiative, movement, and production, while combat is resolved quickly and easily with the included custom dice. Dust is a strategy board game for 2-6 players. The world of Dust, popular for years in Europe, will make a huge impact all over the world this year with the publication of a new series by Image Comics based on the rich alternate history created by renowned artist Paulo Parente.
Dust: The Boardgame (Sold out)Dust: The Boardgame (Sold out)