Halo Actionclix

Halo ActionclixActionClix® is a 3D tabletop miniature game that features highly detailed sculpts with exciting game play.

The innovative Halo™ ActionClix® Clix dial tracks a unit's health and vital combat stats like attack, damage, speed, and defense. For each 1 damage dealt to your Halo unit during battle, you click its dial once clockwise. As the dial clicks down, the unit's combat abilities evolve. When the dial goes black, the unit is eliminated and must respawn at one of the spawn points on the map.

Halo is a game about firepower, and the over 80 figures, vehicles, and 3-D objects in Halo ActionClix allow incredible combinations of weaponry from the Halo universe. The unique "weapon swap" game mechanic allows you to give a unit on the play map a stronger weapon. Halo ActionClix also features character cards for each unit, which describe the special abilities that units possess. You can also upgrade your units by eliminating your opponent's units or controlling vital areas on the map.

Halo ActionclixHalo Actionclix