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Take control of a powerful warlock and wreck havoc on your foes with a warpack of hulking warbeasts fueled by unbridled rage. In HORDES, only the strongest, fastest, and most cunning will survive, while the rest will be troll-chow for your warbeasts.

HORDES is a new 30mm tabletop miniatures combat game set in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms. Players jump into the action controlling enigmatic Warlocks and their packs of savage Warbeasts as they battle for territory and survival.

HORDES is a completely stand-alone game, utilizing unique mechanics and systems that enable your warlock to control his army of warbeasts. No focus, No warcasters. These are not new factions for WARMACHINE. At the same time, it is 100% compatible with WARMACHINE. If you know how to play WARMACHINE you already know the basics of HORDES. While the four factions of Hordes often fight each other, no doubt you'll try your armies against the armies of WARMACHINE time and again.