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In Japan’s feudal past, wars raged and demons vied for power. InuYasha, a powerful half-human, half-demon sought the Jewel of the Four Souls to make him the most powerful being in the land but was pinned to a tree with an enchanted arrow. Centuries later, a young girl, Kagome, is transported back in time and finds InuYasha. During a fight with a demon, Kagome frees InuYasha but the jewel is shattered and the shards spread across the land. Now the heroes must reclaim the pieces.

The InuYasha Trading Card Game will launch with a 280 base card set with future expansions containing approximately 140 cards each in intervals of 3-4 months. InuYasha is being crafted with the players in mind – simple to learn but full of action. The cards will capture the spirit of InuYasha utilizing the quality and graphical elements that are the standard for trading card games in Japan.

InuYasha Trading Card Game is being made specifically for trading card game enthusiasts, so the organized play programs will be tailored to suit their needs. Approved SEVEN hosts will be able to request both tournament and pre-release kits. Look for more details as the nationwide launch draws near in October 2004.

4/10 - Large restock on singles.

2/1 - Kijin now in stock. Singles for both expansions coming soon.

2/8 - Singles on sale, many more coming soon.