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Embark on new adventures. Collect unique artifacts. Get special pets.

The World is Yours. If you have the CODES.

That's what the MapleStory iTrading Card Game (iTCG) is all about. Freedom, man. It's an action-packed real-world trading card game where players use powerful weapons and fierce monsters to crush their opponent, but then takes TCGs to a new level by providing a fully integrated experience with MapleStory online-- a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), which is enormously popular with more than 67 million worldwide registered accounts.

The Maplestory iTCG provides codes found on game cards that unlock exclusive and non-exclusive online rewards and game experiences such as all-new quests, highly sought-after artifacts, and rare virtual pets. And there's a code in every single pack!

So order the MapleStory iTCG today and get in on the action!