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Megaman TCG

The first MegaMan Trading Card Game set provides 8 different NetNavis. You'll also find lots of resources, events, and BattleChips to use for NetBattling. Some cards are designed for use with a particular NetNavi, but most of them can be mixed and matched to make lots of different kinds of decks. Choose your own strategy!

Each 10-card booster pack contains 9 common cards and 1 rare. Super rare foil cards replace the rare card in approximately 1 in 9 packs, and ultra rare foil cards appear in approximately 1 in 18 packs.

Each 60-card starter set comes with 1 foil NetNavi card (either TorchMan or MegaMan), 2 copies of a special foil premium found only in that starter, and 2 other rare cards (like a rare you'll get in a booster pack) which can only be found foiled in the starter sets. So that's 5 foil cards including 2 foil rare cards in each starter! Also provided are a full-color rulebook with an example of play and 1 of 4 colorful, collectible playmats.

Megaman TCGMegaman TCG