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Mutant Chronicles

Mutant ChroniclesIn the dark and brutal future, humanity has abandoned Earth, and the solar system is a battlefield. From the red deserts of Mars to the steaming jungles of Venus, and from the underworlds of Mercury to the frozen hells of the asteroid belt, battle lines are being drawn. The great megacorporations who control all humanity wage endless, bloody wars against each other as they fight for ever-dwindling resources. The fanatic soldiers and inquisitors of the holy Brotherhood crusade against the necromutants and the undead legions who seek to conquer all life in the names of their demonic masters.

In the Mutant Chronicles Collectible Miniatures Game, you can collect and field your own army of techno-fantasy warriors and challenge your opponents with steel, firepower, and the mystic powers of the Art or the Dark Gifts.

Building your army has never been easier. No two units are alike, yet there are no point costs to add, and you can put together your unique force in minutes.

Battles are fast. Combat is quick and deadly, with minimal record-keeping and almost no down-time between turns.

Strategy matters. When designing your army, you must choose a mix of units, action cards, and special orders that will come together on the battlefield to destroy your enemies and give you the glorious victory.

Mutant ChroniclesMutant Chronicles