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Paranoia XP

Perhaps the most unique roleplaying game ever produced, Paranoia revolutionised gamers' approach to their hobby. Filled with black and ironic humour,this groundbreaking game has been absent from gaming shelves for far too long. Now acclaimed publisher Mongoose brings Paranoia back for a new generation. Focussing on a surreal, twisted vision of the future, players are positively encouraged to betray each other merely to survive. There has never been a roleplaying game like it!

With a full supporting program of future products already in development, Paranoia is destined to once more provide roleplayers with the sort of frantic gaming experience that proved so popular at the game's inception.

NOTE: The owner of this store was a huge fan of the original Paranoia game, so we are anxious to see it succeed. Therefore, we are offering an extra-special price for Paranoia products.

Paranoia XPParanoia XP