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Pirates of the Crimson Coast

Pirates of the Crimson Coasthe CSG smash hit Pirates returns this February with Pirates of the Crimson Coast! French ships join the hunt for gold and glory, new Schooner ships set sail for high adventure, and players must contend with new weather and sea effects such as fog banks and reefs! These new effects add excitement to every Pirates game!

Pirates of the Crimson Coast will also introduce a new constructible element forts! Built to stand atop existing islands, forts add fun new twists to Pirates. Pirates of the Crimson Coast also adds new rules to increase strategy and options for hard-core buccaneers. All of this in one $3.99 pack!

Each pack still contains everything a player needs to build either two complete ships, or one ship and one fort, treasure, rules, an island card and a die! There are over 62 ships to collect!

Pirates of the Crimson CoastPirates of the Crimson Coast