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Red November Board Game Revised Edition
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Red November is a cooperative board game for 3-8 players (or 1-2 with optional rules), and is playable in 1-2 hours. Control desperate sailors in a frantic race against the clock. Can you survive in the submarine until you are rescued? To prevent destruction, players must work together to complete tasks as efficiently as possible. Players act as the Gnome sailor crew, moving inside the submarine and fixing the most pressing problems or collecting items to help in repairs. Each movement and action takes a certain number of precious minutes and triggers the drawing of Event cards, which cause more disasters. Players must continue in this manner until the submarine is lost or rescued. The revised edition of Red November introduces a larger game board, Item cards, and clarified rules. The larger game board allows a greater number of players more room and accessibility. The previous Item tokens have been transformed into Item cards, providing an easier handling experience, and eliminating the necessity to check reference sheets during turns. Players: 3 - 8 | Playing Time: 60 - 120 minutes | Ages: 12 + Red November, an original game by Bruno Faidutti and Jef Gontier, is a cooperative race against the clock. Players assume the role of a gnome adventurer trapped inside of a doomed submarine. Each player moves their figure around the sub-marine and tracks that character with a stackable time keeper of the same color. As players move around the board, more and more fires, floods, and reactor failures pop up. The gnomes must find tools capable of fixing the problem or down a bottle of grog to work up some liquid courage and avoid disaster.
Red November Board Game Revised EditionRed November Board Game Revised Edition