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STREET WARriorS The STREET WARriorS is a Collectible Card Game (CCG) where you battle against your opponent and use weapons like AK-47s, Brass Knuckles, Desert Eagles, Glocks, Knives and other deadly weapons...

Add extra excitement to the battle by strategically using MURPHY'S LAW cards like "Get Crunked!", "Pimps Up, Hos Down" and the "Race Card!"

Choose whether you want to be a "Good Guy" or a "Bad Guy", the choice is up to you.

Play as gangstas or crime bosses with groups like the Triad, Jamaican Posse, La Raza Escogida, Thugs, or Pimps. Or beat down the criminal element with law enforcement agencies like the ACU (Anti Crime Unit) or USU (United Security Unions). Don't wanna be a Johnny Law or a straight criminal? That's cool, play as a Freelancer... In fact you can mix and match to suit your style of play, with each group having their own distinct strengths and weaknesses...

The STREET WARriorS is heavily influenced by the Hip-Hop/Reggae/Heavy Metal/Punk music and lifestyle scenes. From the Tattoos to the Bling, we've blended a lot of real-world elements into the game and have gone through great lengths to provide players with an authentic Urban genre where you as the player can relate to the characters in the game.