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Talisman: The Sacred Pool
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The battle between the spirits of light and the forces of darkness is escalating to an all-out war. Choose your side wisely... Fantasy Flight Games presents The Sacred Pool, the newest expansion for Talisman. Featuring new characters, Adventure cards, Spells, Alternate Endings, and Quest Rewards, The Sacred Pool gives you new ways to experience the magic and adventure of Talisman! Featuring four all-new characters, over 70 new Adventure cards, Neutral Alignment cards, and the addition of Alternate Endings, The Sacred Pool provides a fountain of new possibilities! The Sacred Pool adds 4 new characters, 72 Adventure cards, 16 Spell cards, 24 Quest Reward cards, 4 Neutral Alignment cards, and 3 Alternate Endings. Alternate Endings give players new ways to win the game Quest Rewards give players new powers and treasures when they complete Warlock Quests

Talisman: The Sacred PoolTalisman: The Sacred Pool