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Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition
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The publication of Twilight Imperium Third Edition(TI3) is, hands down, one of the main attractionsof FFG’s 2004 publication schedule, as well asa historical publication in FFG’s history. TWILIGHT IMPERIUM (the first edition) was the company’sfirst game product, and through two popular editions it has garnered a massive audience across the world and the TI name has been a pillar of growth and recognition for FFG.. TI3 is an epicempire-building game of intersteller conflict, trade, and struggle for power. Players take the roles of ancient galactic civilizations, each seekingto sieze the imperial throne via warfare, diplomacy, and technological progression. With new oversize geomorphic board tiles, finely detailed plastic miniatures, hundreds of cards, and a massiveplurality of options, TI3 will arrive before an audience that has been starving for epic space conflict since TI2 went out of print in the spring of2003. Shipping in a massive (12?x 24? epic-size box, this new giant-size edition of TI feature more than 200 masterfully sculpted oversize plastic miniatures -- the typical TI units (GroundForces, Cruisers, Dreadnaughts, Carriers, Fighters, PDS, and Space Docks) as well as two new units(the massive War Sun, and the Destroyer). TI3 contains new oversize board tiles, more than 400 cards, every known civilization of the Twilight Imperium universe, almost every expansion rule and component ever published for TI, a gorgeous graphical overhaul, and an impressive full color rulesset. The TI gameplay has been refined and redone by original designer Christian T. Petersen. The new design features faster gameplay, and involves players in a far more active game experience with much less downtime. In addition, TI3 will include the new ‘Race Cards? as well a dramatic newapproach to the structure of the gameplay itself using the new ‘Command?system. Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition is nothing short of a massive epic release, and is destined to become a classicfor years to come. FFG has directed all its craft, talent, and energy into this massive production. Are you ready for another age of Twilight?

Twilight Imperium 3rd EditionTwilight Imperium 3rd Edition