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Veronica Mars

Inkworks announces the February release of Veronica Mars: Season One Premium Trading Cards. There's a lot going on in the town of Neptune, and it's up to Veronica and her friends to figure out what! Unlock the secrets of the show with episodic summaries, character profiles, and more in the 72-card base set.

In addition to the base set, collectors have the opportunity to collect these randomly inserted bonus cards:

AUTOGRAPH CARDS - Autographers and insertion information to be announced soon.

PIECEWORKS® CARDS - Cards containing pieces of the actual costumes worn on-screen during the first season of Veronica Mars. Costumes and insertion information to be announced soon.

"WHO KILLED LILLY KANE?" - A nine card foil puzzle dedicated to the mystery behind the murder of Veronica's best friend, Lilly. (9 cards - inserted approximately 1:11 packs).

"REVOLVING AROUND MARS" - Six cards covering the men in Veronica's life. (6 cards - inserted approximately 1:17 packs).

"TRIANGLE" - three box loader cards that feature the romantic triangle of Duncan, Veronica and Logan. (3 cards - 1 per sealed display box).

"BEST FRIENDS" - a case loader card that is all about Veronica and Lilly; two best friends, even after Lilly's death. (1 card - 1 per sealed case).

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars