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Warhammer Fantasy: Bretonnian Trebuchet
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Trebuchets are immense wooden-structured war machines recently introduced into the armies of the Bretonnians. Through a series of levers, cogs and winding mechanisms, the large arm of the trebuchet is drawn down into a firing position, with immense masonry counterweights attached to the other end. A large sling is attached to the arm of the trebuchet that can hold rocks, masonry or even dead cattle. When the trebuchet is fired, the extra impetus that the sling adds to the firing arm means that it can fire further and with more power than a regular catapult. The trebuchet is an essential piece of equipment when the Bretonnians engage in siege warfare, and smaller versions of these machines are sometimes deployed on the field of battle. Still, most knights universally put on a show of disdain towards them, and some dukes refuse to make use of them at all. Nevertheless, it is a sign of particular opulence to be in possession of a trebuchet, for they are time consuming to create and are individually hand crafted. There are only a finite number of craftsmen within Bretonnia with the skill to create them, and their services are highly sought after. Although a knight would never stoop so low as to operate a missile weapon himself, let alone a war machine, that is not to say that he could not grudgingly see the strategic worth of it and allow his low-born servants to use them, for being peasants they donít understand the concept of honor anyway! A Trebuchet is a Rare unit choice in a Bretonnian or Errantry War army. The Bretonnian Trebuchet boxed set contains one (1) Trebuchet and five (5) crew. All models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.
Warhammer Fantasy: Bretonnian TrebuchetWarhammer Fantasy: Bretonnian Trebuchet